What are the benefits of using an eye pillow?

Feeling a bit stressed or anxious off late? A quick remedy that works wonders is using an eye pillow for a couple of minutes on your eyes and forehead. Staying still in the same position for 10 - 15 minutes can be challenging but the effects are simply amazing.

Eye pillows, also known as dream pillows, are mask shaped or rectangular pouches made from cotton or silk, filled with scented or unscented herbs. Herbs such as flax seeds, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, and rose petals are usually used as fillers in eye pillows. They benefit the body more than just shutting out the light. Let’s look into how they can help our body.

Regulates mood, heart, digestion and nervous system

These pillows stimulate the vagus nerve. It sends a message of pleasure and relaxation down the back of your neck to your chest and heart. Stimulating the vagus nerve, the light pressure on your eyes triggers the oculocardiac reflex that lowers your heart rate and regulates your mood. Cutting out visual stimulus, including light, sends a message to your brain that it’s time for your mind to be still preventing those racing thoughts.

Relieves strained eyes

Ensures perfect amount of acupressure needed by the eye to revitalize and freshen the vision that soothe and relax tired eyes. Relieves irritated, itchy and burning eyes caused by overexposure to television, sitting in front of computer screens.

Therapeutic in nature

The aromatic effect of essential oils and herbs that are infused in the flax seeds help calm and rest the mind. The addition of lavender essential oil can be used to calm and relax the mind, peppermint to energize the body, eucalyptus to soothe the sinus.

Improves quality of sleep

For insomniacs, eye pillows coupled with earplugs can help lessen external stimuli and distractions that keep your brain active, the perfect solution for peaceful nights.

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